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The Good Travel Program is a program of Good Travel Guide that offers tools that assess, certify, and support the sustainability of businesses within the tourism sector. Businesses have a vital role in the local economy of destinations, which is why we want to support them in becoming more sustainable. Any kind of organisation within the tourism supply chain is welcome to join us, from hotels to restaurants, to tour guides, local DMOS, and so on.

The Good Travel Program is more than just a certification, it is a sustainability support programme for all tourism and travel related businesses and facilities, designed to be feasible and affordable for SMEs. It focuses on practical requirements that are easy for smaller businesses to manage.

Three main points that highlight the sustainability practices of your company, Elämysvirta-Flow of Experience:

Commitment to Sustainable Fishing Practices:

Your company prioritizes sustainable fishing practices to ensure the long-term health and abundance of fish populations.
You promote catch-and-release techniques, encouraging anglers to release fish back into the water, contributing to the preservation of fish populations.
By educating customers about size and bag limits, your company helps prevent overharvesting and supports responsible fishing practices.

Good Travel Seal Certification:

Elämysvirta-Flow of Experience has achieved the prestigious Good Travel Seal certification, showcasing your commitment to sustainability in the travel and tourism industry.
This certification validates that your company follows ethical and environmentally friendly guidelines, providing customers with sustainable travel options.
The Good Travel Seal signifies that your company has implemented sustainable fishing practices and contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

Environmental Education and Awareness:

Your company actively engages in educating customers about sustainable fishing practices and the importance of environmental conservation.
By raising awareness about responsible fishing techniques, you empower anglers to make informed decisions and minimize their impact on the ecosystem.
Through educational initiatives, Elämysvirta-Flow of Experience plays a vital role in fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable fishing and the preservation of fish habitats.
These three main points emphasize your company’s dedication to sustainability, as evidenced by your commitment to sustainable fishing practices, the attainment of the Good Travel Seal certification, and the emphasis on environmental education and awareness. By incorporating these principles into your business operations, you differentiate your company as a leader in providing sustainable fishing experiences while contributing to the protection of the environment.

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