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Our story

Flow of Experience – Flow of Experience offers responsibly managed fishing trips, tailored to your needs. Fish in Lapland, on rivers, lakes and the Arctic Ocean. Elämysvirta-Flow of Experience trips are led by skilled and trained fishing, wilderness and nature guides. We fish only responsibly, using only selected specimens caught from sustainable fish stocks for food in the traditional way. We do not tolerate mistreatment of people, nature or animals. We want to support local culture and preserve historical sites. We have a guide to suit your needs, you can hire a guide for your trip or you can ask us to design and implement a guided trip for you.

Ari Yliollitervo from Tiura uistin and Rauno Virta with 11kg salmon. Tiura Uistin Kojamo as a lure.

The birth story

Determined, attentive, and deeply connected to nature, a young man from the North found himself fleeing unemployment and the allure of big money in the 1980s. The hustle and bustle of the bustling cities quickly made him yearn for the tranquility he had left behind. Fishing trips became his solace, offering moments of peace that countered his demanding sales job. With each trip, he ventured farther and farther into remote waters, drawn back time and again to the salmon river.

Returning to the world of wealth and pressure became increasingly distressing, with the constant refrain of “do more, do better.” The young man from the North couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t real life.

Then came the redemptive summer, and with it, a journey to the salmon river. It was a picturesque June evening, transitioning into night, as humidity formed a mist over the river’s surface. As he rowed towards the shore, the mist revealed a figure standing beside his camp—an enchanting elf. The elf smiled and extended a hand in invitation, as if they had been acquainted for a lifetime. Drawing nearer, the young man noticed the elf’s open fingers, revealing a mysterious object, like a piece of jewellery. The elf presented the object to the restless traveler and said, “Carry this with you. Even when you’re lost, it will guide you back to where you belong.”

From that moment on, the mysterious object became his compass, leading the young man deeper into the serene and untouched fishing waters of Lapland. He discovered Lapland’s crystal-clear streams and the grand salmon rivers flowing between the forest covered hills. The leaves of the trees were vividly green, the flowers radiated golden hues, and all colors and sounds felt pure and clear. It was then that the young man understood the meaning behind the elf´s words. His admiration for nature intensified, transforming into all-encompassing love.

Guided by the mysterious object, the young man discerned his path and set his sights on pursuing his love for the Lapland wilderness. It was time to create space for himself and embrace his heart’s desires. Becoming a fishing guide, he could earn a living in the untamed wild, marveling at the majestic leaps of salmon and the graceful dance of grayling on the river’s surface. Finally, he discovered his true calling, and the Flow of Experience was born.


Elämysvirta – Flow of Experience knows its clients

The manager of Elämysvirta – Flow of Experience has over 25 years of experience of international sales and marketing tasks. That guarantees strong background in planning and carrying our demanding outdoor tours. In addition to sales background, there is 40 years of experience in hunting and fishing. First fishing tour was organized already on 18.11.1994.

Face behind Elämysvirta – Flow of Experience

I am an official, licensed fishing guide and the possibility to enjoy fishing and nature safely is the most important thing in everything I do.

Fishing with the members of parliament of Finland
Fishing with the members of parliament of Finland
You are taken care of as a customer of Elämysvirta – Flow of Experience.

Fishing in Finland, Sweden and Norway

In addition to our own versatile knowledge we offer services of other professional guides and tailor-made packages created in co-operation. In Lapland there are limitless possibilities to go outdoors and fishing, you just need to find the right spots. By choosing your desired destination and contacting Elämysvirta -Flow of Experience, you are one step closer to your dream coming true.

Elämysvirta - Flow of Experience fishing between coutries of Sweden and Finland.
Away from the thunder storm.

What Elämysvirta can offer you?

Do you want to go pike perch trolling at the Miekojärvi Lake? Or would your tour include fishing, cycling, paddling or learning nature photography? How can you catch a strong salmon at the Muonionjoki River? All this, and lot more you can do during your trip! It is your decision.

Tell me what you would like to do and what are your preferences, I will create a suitable fishing or wilderness tour into the wilderness. Book your tour now!

Rauno Virta
CEO, Owner, Head Fishing Guide

Arctic salmon
Silver is Lapland's gold!

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