Terms of reservation

These terms of reservation and cancellation covers accommodation, program services, catering and possible other services. Other terms can be agreed upon between the seller and customer.
The reservation is binding when the customer has confirmed the event, program and / or services (later stated as event) and / or the reservation fee has been paid. The event can be confirmed in writing or via email.

The customer need to confirm the number of participants and other needed information for the event no later than 7 days before the event unless other is agreed upon between the seller and customer.

The reservation fee is applied in case of the customer being a private person or a non-Finnish company. Finnish companies are invoiced after the event unless other is agreed. The reservation fee is 30% of the final fee at the time of reservation and 70% no later than 40 days before the event unless other is agreed. If the event is reserved less than 40 days before the event start the reservation fee should be paid immediately.
Whereas the customer cancels the event:
• If the reservation fee has been paid, the cancellation fee is 50, – euro/person excluding value add tax (62,- euro including VAT 24%)
• 60-40 days before event,the cancellation fee is 30 % of the full charge, same as the reservation fee.
• 40-0 days before event, the cancellation fee is 100% of the full charge.
Whereas the seller cancels the event:

If the cancellation is of any other reason than force majeure Elämysvirta – Flow of Experince will reimburse all charges. Force majeure reasons includes, but not limited to: forces of nature, war, government actions or general strike.


The customer can make payment by our web shop, need to be agreed upon in beforehand.


The event starts at the agreed time, hours before this are reserved for preliminary tasks performed by our personnel. All other arrangements need to be agreed upon in beforehand. All deliveries from the customer part need to be agreed upon in beforehand.


The event can be extended if there is no other event adjacent and there is sufficient time for maintenance tasks. The event extension needs to be communicated to the personnel in a reasonable timeframe. The personnel have the right to reject the extension request. Extra hours will be charged separately.


All catering in the premises are provided by the seller unless otherwise agreed. Catering services should be ordered not later than 5 working days in beforehand. The number of participants should also be confirmed not later than 7 working days in beforehand and the catering will be invoiced according to this number of participants.


The customer can bring their own alcoholic beverages to events if agreed upon in beforehand. Premises where license to sell alcoholic beverages exists do not allow the customers to bring their own alcoholic beverages. The seller stores unopened alcoholic beverages for 7 days after the event. The alcoholic beverages can be collected upon agreement. Empty bottles are not stored unless agreed upon.


Rent of premises includes final clean-up unless other is agreed. The premises should be emptied of the customers personal belongings at the end of the event unless other is agreed. Extraordinary cleaning will be charged separately. These include – but not limited to – beverages or other liquids fallen on carpets or other materials in the premises. The cleaning of bodily fluids will be charged a minimum of 50, – euro per object to be cleaned.

The customer is responsible of all damages to the premises as well as to all equipment in or part of the premises.
All terms mentioned above are applicable to the program services.

The program services are provided according to the schedule agreed upon and according to the conditions. The seller reserves the right to change the program or schedule if conditions require. The seller is responsible to provide similar services. These changes are only possible by conditions or events outside of the sellers’ control.

All terms mentioned above are applicable to the catering services.

Menus and courses provided in beforehand may not be the same as served depending on the availability of ingredients. Allergies and other restrictions need to be communicated in a written form (email is considered a written form) no later than 5 days before the event.

All terms mentioned above are applicable to the other services.
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