Tornionjoki-Muonionjoki river

Located in western Lapland in Finland, Tornion-Muonionjoki river is the kingdom of the salmon. In the 2000s, it is developed into the leading salmon fishing river in North Scandinavia.

Summer 2016 saw 100,000 salmon migrating up the Tornion-muonionjoki river. Over half of those purchasing a fishing licence were prized with a salmon.

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Ennätyslohi otti TTS-vaapun suuhunsa Muonionjoella 20.8.2016. Suvanto oli rauhallinen, lukuunottamatta lohien aktiivista pintomista.
Muonionjoki river at 20.8.2016. Personal record salmon 21,01 kg  46,32 lbs.



Salmon tour with kelo log cottage, 3 days and 6 days

School of salmon rowing boat fishing, 3 hours

Salmon safari at Muonionjoki river, 5 days


Elämysvirta - Flow of Experience tarjoaa mahdollisuuden napata komean lohen Muonionjoesta. Lohi valitsi kotimaisen TTS-vaapun.
Salmon is got by rod and wobbler from Muonionjoki river.


TTS-wobbler designer Tomi Salonen got personal guiding throught the shallow and rocky waters. You can see our driving on the river from this link.

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