Salmon week in the Namsen

Salmon fishing at Storöya of Namsen
Elokuu tarjoaa upeita lohia heitto- ja soutukalastajille
Storöya Gård og Fiske on lohenkalastajan valinta
The host of Storöya Gård og Fisk, with salmon of August


Example: One week fishing tour to The Namsen, with two rowing boats and the cabin

To whom: Self made fishing holyday! Please, note the trail from cabin to the dock is steep!

Availability:  1.6. – 31.8., according to current fishing rules and regulations.

Indipendent holiday from Sunday 14:00 pm to Sunday 11:00 am, on local time.

Include: Cabin for max. 4 persons, with four bunk bed, room with miniatur kitchen; Two rowing boats; Fishing licenses to the almost 2 km long pool; Disinfection; NOTE! max. 3 rod / boat!

Common use: Shower, Water toilet, Fish cleaning, Shelter on river bank, Open fire grill, Freezer


Options: Motor renting (not mandatory); You can rent and buy the best TTS-lures for salmon; Guiding

It might also be windy, especially on the river. We recommend you to use warm wind and waterproof clothes. You can best protect yourself in the traditional way by wearing two or three layers of warm clothes under a wind and waterproof jacket and trousers. Remember to wear a warm hat and gloves.

Lohen pintakäynti on kutsu kalastamaan. Namsenin lohi nappaa nyt!
Cabins and shelter are on the river bank.
Storöya Gård og Fiske tarjoaa hyvän paikan saaliin käsittelyyn
The fish cleaning place with fresh water.
Herkuttelijan hetki on koittanut, punaiset Namsenin lohifileet odottaa syöjää
Namsen salmons coming from the Atlantic Ocean.The fillets are red and teasty, even in August.
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